Whoever you are and whatever you do, becoming involved in a dispute can be stressful, time consuming, expensive and, in some cases, catastrophic for you or your business. Disputes are a fact of modern business life, particularly in the current economic climate. Understanding and dealing with disputes in a professional and commercial way has never been more important.

You need a legal advisor who understands you, your needs, your concerns and your goals. Someone who can give you clear, commercial advice, who can explain all your options, including strategy and costs. We are here to help.

Our experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers have a proven track record of winning high profile cases and achieving fair and just results for our clients.

We offer clients a partner led service supported by a team of experienced lawyers. We will explain your funding options and the likely costs involved in managing your case at each stage. We will discuss the most appropriate ways to deal with and resolve your dispute as quickly and as cost effectively as possible, and this will include the various methods of alternative dispute resolution available, such as mediation.

It may be that litigation is unavoidable, in which event, we shall fight your case making use of the various procedures open to you. Our broad experience and the depth of our practice areas ensures we can put together multi-disciplined teams to provide you with the most comprehensive advice and representation.

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